Trinity College is the oldest residential college of the University of Melbourne. It was founded in 1872.

History Edit

Trinity College was founded in 1872 by the first Anglican Bishop of Melbourne, Charles Perry. It was affiliated with the University of Melbourne in 1876.

In 1883, the college became the first university college in Australia to admit women.

Architecture Edit

It is situated to the north of the main university campus. It has carious ivy-clad stone and brick buildings surrounded by a large grass idea known as the Bulpadock.

The colleges main buildings are:

  • Leeper Building
  • Bishops' Building
  • Dining Hall
  • Clarke's Building
  • Horsfall Chapel
  • Behan Building
  • Memorial Building
  • Cowan Building
  • Evan Burge Building
  • Gourlay Building
  • The Gateway Building

Residential Life Edit

Clubs and Societies Edit

The Trinity College provides leadership for Orientation Week at the beginning of each year which facilitates a multitude of social, cultural and sporting events throughout the year.

The current student clubs include:

  • Wine Cellar
  • Billiards Room
  • Coffee Haus
  • Dialectic Society
  • Music Society
  • Environmental Committee
  • Dnace Club
  • Arts Studio
  • Film Society
  • Drama Club
  • Informal Dining Society
  • Games Society
  • Cooking Society
  • Racquet Society

Residents Edit