Pilot is the premiere episode of Lilydale.

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The girls of Lilydale discuss their future summer plans and Cece is conflicted whether to tell Tyler her true feelings. Juliette and Romeo says goodbye before war tears them apart. Bea isn't impressed with her father's choice to come work for the family business. Mia pays a visit to a mysterious someone. The girls enjoy their summer plans when they all get a phone call from the same person.

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The girls meet up one last time before they separate for their future summer plans abroad. Juliette finally admits to her friends that she's finally happy being single and separated from Romeo. Everyone tries to convince Cece to admit to Tyler how she feels about him but she denys it and says that they're only friends and that he's engaged to Palmira. Mona tells the girls that she's going to California and needs to get away from this toxic town.

Cece visits Tyler about to reveal everything to him but she sees Mira and Tyler sleeping next to each other and decides to put her feelings aside because they're getting married soon and think it's for the best that they remain friends. Tyler was secretly sleeping and notices that Cece came into his room. He approaches her about what she wanted to tell him but she makes something up about her missing home instead of telling the truth.

Juliette visits Romeo confronting him whether that if he broke up with her because he was leaving for war.

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