Masaru Enatsu is a character in the Lilydale series.

Biography Edit

Masaru grew up in Suginami City, Toyko. A heavily populated city centre is home to several animation studios and technology companies. At 16, Masaru was already challenging the robotics field by creating autonomous flying robots capable of search and rescue missions in highly difficult conditions. Two years later, he won the International Aerial Robotics Competition and is known as having pushed the limits of what flying robots could accomplish.

He was noticed by the National Police Security Bureau during his studies in Science and Engineering at Toyko Metropolitan University. A year later, he joined Toyko Metropolitan.

Efficiency obsessed and blunt, Masaru is a talented officer despite his apathetic nature. In the wake of Nagoya's hostage crisis in 2007, he decided to transfer to the Aichi Prefectural Police Department Special Unit.

Personality Edit

Singularly focused, Masaru blunt communication style divides group harmony. His tendency to dismiss feedback has kept him from advancing to a higher rank.

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