La Trobe University is an Australian university in Melbourne, Victoria. The university was established in 1964, becoming the third university in the State of Victoria.

History Edit

It was established in 1964.

Origins Edit

The origins of La Trobe can be traced back to the post-War II era where they emerged a global reorganisation of the need to increase facilities for higher education.

1964-1989 Edit

La Trobe University was officially opened by the Victorian premier, Sir Henry Bolte.

Up until the late 1980s, La Trobe focused almost exclusively on the liberal arts and science.

1990-2014 Edit

The university established other professional schools including its law school in 1992 which was previously a legal studies department.

In 2008, Victoria's second dentistry school was established. However, despite being the leading Australian university in professional health and biomedical sciences, La Trobe does not have a medical school.

Campus Edit

Bundoora Edit

The campus is the foundation campus of La Trobe and was officially opened in 1967 when La Trobe began.

It has around 22,000 students on campus and has many facilities such as restaurants, bars, shops, banks and an art gallery.

La Trobe University has three on-campus residential colleges:

Bendigo Edit

La Trobe Bendigo was established in 1991. The main site of the Edwards Road campus was established in 1967 and Osbourne Street campus was established in 1959. These two sites are known as the Flora Hill campus precinct.

Melbourne (CBD) Edit

La Trobe has two campuses in Melbourne's central business district.The campuses deliver courses in health sciences, law and management.