Jack Estrada is a character in the Lilydale series.

Biography Edit

Born to Cynthia Estrada and Mark Peterson on Seymore Johnson Air Force Base, he was raised as a military brat. He followed his mothers footsteps and became an Intelligence Officer.

In 2007, he became an intern for the FBI Biometrics Program, moving from the lab to active duty in 2010 where he was invited to join the FBI SWAT team. His work with the FBI biometrics program allowed him to blend his background in communications and biochemistry to a powerful effect. His innate ability to read people made him a natural negotiator.

Personality Edit

Due to his constant relocation from base to base, Jack became fascinated by the microscopic variances that comprise identity. As a result, he became adept at recognizing micro-expressions and delineating a persons history based on their speech patterns and physicality.

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