Elena Karadordevic is a main character in the Lilydale series.

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She is the daughter of Maria Pia and Alexander Karadordevic.

Princess Elena was raised in Versailles and attended boarding schools in France and Switzerland. She graduated from the University of Paris with a law degree.

She then moved to Australia in 1993 where she met her husband, Antonio Monty. They got married in 1995. Elena gave birth to twins in 1997; Benjamin and Beatrice Monty. When she married Antonio, she told him that her parents passed away when she was young and hiding the fact that she comes from a dynastic family.

In 2002, she attended an anniversary celebration of her friends, Cordelia and Caliban Gale where suddenly a fire broke out at the winery. She was claimed as one of the several casualties of the fire at the Yarra Winery.

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